November 7 – 17, 2003
An Oakland Museum of California Art Guild Trip

I helped to lead a group of 25 people on a wonderful trip to Cuba. Our travel provider
was Cuba Cultural Travel and we were traveling under a license from the State
Department just before the restrictions became much tighter for private group travel.
The Oakland Museum's license has not been renewed so
I feel fortunate to have been able to travel to Cuba at this time.

View of the old Capitol building from the balcony
of my hotel room in Havana.
Our first day walk through Old Havana
One of the many old American cars left from before the revolution
Plaza de la Catedral
A great example of the restoration of buildings in Havana. The building on the left has been restored, the one in the middle is yet to be restored and houses many families, the one on the right is in the process of being restored.
Mural made up of tiny colored pebbles depicting figures from Cuba's Spanish history.
This is the Paseo del Prado, a beautiful promenade which stretches from the Parke Central down to the Malecon, see below.

On the right we see two of our group checking out some of the local art work that is displayed for sale every Sunday.

The Malecon, a seafront promenade that stretches for four miles along Havana's historic section was one of my favorite places. To the right are food booths set up for the evening's Carnival festivities. We can see the damaging effects of age and weather on the buildings.