Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Along with a desire to see Machu Picchu has been a long held wish to go to the Galapagos Islands. I was fortunate enough to accomplish both dreams in one trip. After a two hour flight flight from Quito, Ecuador we boarded our home for the next six days, a small diving boat with surprisingly comfortable accommodations and never ending supply of delicious food. I have chosen a few of the many photos I took of these incredible islands and their equally fascinting inhabitants.

Aboard a panga we head out for our first excusion of the islands. This was a "dry" landing. On a "wet" landing we definitely got our feet wet.

We encountered many seal lions, descendants of our California species. The animals in the Galapagos have few or no preditors and so are unafraid of visitors. We often had to step over or around them on thg trails.

On the left two land iguanas. To the right is a marine iguana with shorter snout and longer claws, both uniquely adapted to their environments.
A last view of a sea lion catching the rays of the setting sun on our last day in the islands.