Roxie is my new best friend. I adopted her from a wonderful group in Pacific Grove, The Animal Friends Rescue Project thanks to the help of my niece Debbie and grand niece Heather. Her geneology is up for grabs but we think she has a mixure of Jack Russel Terrier, Whipet, Pointer and a little pit bull. She is a love and goes with me everywhere as you can see. Her favorite places are church, the dog park, the beach or anywhere that I am. She hates to be left alone so has done a few "bad dog" things and I tell her that she sure is lucky she is so cute and loveable. And I feel very lucky to have her.

At the dog park
In church
In the driver's seat
At the beach
Relaxing on the deck
Roxie's other bed
Roxie's bed
Children's Theatre rehearsal
Room with a view